Posted by: Lizzie Ross | June 27, 2010

Cute is not enough!

A Dog Day, or The Angel in the House (1902), Walter Emanuel, illus. Cecil Aldin, Souvenir Press, 56 pp.

This may not be the “best loved dog book of all time,” as advertised on this book’s cover, but I’ll grant it a certain amount of cuteness. If a dog had a smart phone, his tweets would resemble this book: “8:00 Hooray! Appetite returning. 8:10 Ravenous. 8:20. Have one of the nicest pieces of coal I have ever come across.”

This bottomless pit gobbles nearly everything in sight (viz.: coal, string, an entire fish, treacle pudding, the kittens’ breakfast and dinner, pork chops, candy, stale bread). The dog admits,

After coal, I think I like string best. The family have noticed what a lot of this I stow away, and it was not a bad idea of young Mr. Brown’s, the other day, that, if I had the end of a piece of string always hanging from my mouth, they could use me as a string-box.

If you’re looking for something quirky to give to a dog fancier, this book might be just the thing.

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