Posted by: Lizzie Ross | June 29, 2010

A Bantam Biker

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1965), Beverly Cleary, Morrow Junior Books, 158 pp.

This is a perfect Middle Grade book. The hero is Ralph, an adventurous mouse still young enough to get himself into trouble through his exuberant behavior. His troubles began when a boy arrives at Ralph’s motel, bringing a collection of toy vehicles that includes a miniature motorcycle that Ralph can’t resist. The drawing to the left shows Ralph, staring at the night sky as he worries about the results of his latest escapade.

He befriends Keith, learns to ride the motorbike, and eventually saves the day, thus proving his growing ability to act responsibly. Ralph, of course, must overcome danger, including an encounter with a vacuum cleaner and another with some laundry.

For a talking animals book, this one’s cute without being cloying. Definitely worth checking out from your local library.

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