Posted by: Lizzie Ross | September 2, 2010

Banned Books Reading Challenge!

Quick post today about this, because I’m a bit rushed for time, but I’ve joined Steph Su Reads‘ Banned Books Reading Challenge, and I’m inviting all my followers to do the same. Get out there and read some banned books, and fight censorship!

For months, I’ve had a link on this site to my countdown to Banned Books Week (Sep. 25 to Oct. 2), and I’ve been planning something special, and now I’m set. For that week, I’ll post each day about a banned book and, with luck, it’ll get you to go out and read something you’re not supposed to. Of the list I’m currently planning, I’ve read only one book and two short stories; the rest will all be new to me, and I’m excited about this.

Proust will go on hiatus for that week (no need to ban him–who’d have the patience to get to the good bits?  Wait–there are good bits?).

Most of the books on the various lists available on line have been banned by public school libraries, by school boards, or by parent groups. In one case, a teacher lost his job for defending the works he’d selected for a high school elective course.

So, when I start my diatribes about why people need — absolutely NEED — to read these books, just picture me, index finger wagging at the book-banners, screeching in a high-pitched voice, “And another thing …!” There’s a reason why my daughter just got me a notepad with the following quote at the top: You can’t scare me. I’m a teacher.

BTW, check out the ALA site on censorship, and let me know what books you’ll be reading that week. Hope to hear from you soon!



  1. What?!?!?
    A teacher lost his job for defending selected works?? How strange is that! Can´t believe it… but thanks for the next challenge;-)

  2. *Big, fat grin* I love getting suggestions about good reading material.

  3. “Life is funny” by E.R. Frank is my choice. If the book isn´t missent to Australia, I´ll get it this week;-)

  4. mARTy– Thanks for the tip about the ERFrank book. I’ll keep an eye out for it. And re the teacher losing his job: more details will be in my post about Hemingway and Sedaris.

  5. I am planning to read frequently challenged books all month. I’m definitely planning on Forever by Judy Blume and The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier as those are two books that I am embarrassed to have never read. And I’m currently reading Identical by Ellen Hopkins – disturbing for sure and so well written!

  6. Em–I’ve read The Chocolate War. Great book. But never anything by Judy Blume! I should add her to my list, so thanks for the nudge.

  7. […] an earlier post, I mentioned that a teacher in New Hampshire had lost his job as a result of a challenge. My facts […]

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