Posted by: Lizzie Ross | September 17, 2010

Reading on my mind …

If anyone’s holding your breath to read more about Proust, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you. Recovery from my cross-country trip is taking longer than I expected, on top of which I can add re-entry into the world of actual day-to-day work.

Also, guiltily, I must confess to currently being in an all-Harry-Potter-all-the-time mode, in preparation for the November release of #7-Part 1. I’m racing through the books, and taking breaks from that to watch the DVDs, all when I can spare time from the normal load of reading and writing that my work requires.

At least I’m reading banned books in my free time! The HP books are so well-known that I feel no compulsion to drone on about them here. Even the fact that Rowling’s series has been high on most-frequently-banned-books lists since the late 1990s should be news to no one.

But I found an interesting story on line (at the Education World website) that mentions the banning of a list of banned books. Now that’s what I call “meta”! I’m sure this isn’t the first instance of someone censoring news about the act of censorship, but it does seem a bit draconian. Very Dolores Umbridge-like. Very 1984, as well.

Beware, indeed! Books are such dangerous things, that we can’t even view their titles on lists.


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