Posted by: Lizzie Ross | July 29, 2011

Another fantasy world

Sabriel (1995), Garth Nix, 491 pp.

Another quick vacation post, with a great suggestion for that long plane ride.

My daughter loves these books so much that she rarely leaves home without them. But she’s gone off to work at a camp for 8 weeks, and they’re now in my hands. At last, I can see what she’s been raving about.

Sabriel is the daughter of the Abhorsen, basically the chief necromancer of the Old Kingdom. But don’t think that “necromancer” is the job title of an evil man. It’s dangerous work, but it basically means that you help the dead stay dead. We all want that.

But, as with other fantasy series (I’m thinking Earthsea; I’m sure there are others), problems arise when the living fear death and try all they can to avoid it. They come back as various types of monsters, and the Abhorsen’s job is to see that they are sent beyond the “ninth gate”, the gate no one passes through twice.

Back to Sabriel. She’s at school in Ancelstierre, basically the New Kingdom, when a terrifying spirit form delivers her father’s sword and bandolier. Something’s gone wrong! She has to rescue him! And that sets her on her quest.

The bandolier holds seven bells, each when rung having different effects on those who try to come back from beyond the first gate. Sabriel has traveled a bit in that deathly realm and knows the dangers, but she still has a great deal to learn about how things operate in the Old Kingdom. The sword and bells come in handy as she journeys there again, trying to find her father and save him.

Oh, and she gets to rescue a prince.

More on this series as I read the other volumes, but #2 is 700+ pages long! That’s a lot of plane rides.

Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen

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