Posted by: Lizzie Ross | December 1, 2011

True confessions

Way back in August, I vowed to read only new books until the end of December, or to confess if I broke this pledge.

Well, I did pretty well until the end of November. Then, mentally worn out by my efforts for NaNoWriMo 2011, I could fight the urge no longer, and I pulled out my 5+ volume set of The Borrowers and read them all in about 3 days. It was restful, reminding me why I read so many of my favorite tales again and again.

But now, I’m back on the wagon and working my way through more new title — new to me, at any rate. This month, some adult fantasy from Lev Grossman, the final installment of the Montmorency series, and a couple of surprises.

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