Posted by: Lizzie Ross | June 8, 2012

Need help deciding what to read?

Just discovered this and had to share it:


I love anything that helps me figure out what to read next.


  1. Reblogged this on Readers Are Leaders 2014 and commented:

    Time to make the all important decision: where am I taking my mind this summer. Here’s one way to make that choice.

  2. Though I don’t need help choosing books — yet — this is a splendid way to show what a range of genres is out there for the undecided. Liked the little symbols, in fact it was all wonderfully laid out, a map to orientate the lost and a delight to the eye.

    • If I were clever enough, I’d update some of the choices to 2014, although I don’t think I could manage the range of book topics represented here.

      • No, it’s quite overwhelming!

      • I take comfort in believing it was created by a committee.

      • If so, can you imagine the battles royal over what to include on it? A spectator sport probably!

      • Oh to have been a fly on that wall! Of course, that could account for the chart’s size. No recommendation was omitted.

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